How the Pulsair “Pneumatage” Technology Works

The term Pneumatage refers to the method that Pulsair uses to manage the grape cap that is formed during red wine fermentation. In this application, a large Pulsair bubble is introduced beneath the wine cap in a fermentation tank. The bubble can be introduced from the top of the tank by using a hollow metal probe, near the bottom of the tank through a racking port, or through permanent risers installed at the tank bottom. With a few pulses, the bubbles breaks through the cap and stirs the fruit into the must. All the parameters associated with the formation of the bubble (pressure, frequency and duration of pulses) are adjustable.

This “Pneumatage” concept was introduced back in the 1980’s at a small winery in Eastern Washington and has grown in market size to hundred of wineries worldwide.



  • Aerates wine juice and blows out sulfides, CO2 and other undesirable sulfur compounds
  • Reduces labor cost (less time to mix caps than other traditional methods)
  • Helps with stuck fermentation – quickly adds in much needed oxygen
  • Enhances color, tannins and flavor extraction
  • Helps eliminate hot/cold spots and provides uniform temperature in the fermentation tank
  • End result is a better tasting wine
  • Provides uniform yeast distribution
  • Helps avoid bacteria and mold from growing on top of grape caps
  • Reduces need for additives, nutrients etc.

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