Oil-Less & Oil-Free Air Compressors

Making great wine requires great people, a great harvest, excellent equipment and more.  Now that you’ve decided on Pulsair’s pneumatage process for red wine cap management, wine blending or stirring of the lees, make the right choice and consider investing in a 100% oil-less, oil-free air compressor.  More and more of Pulsair’s wine customers are choosing oil-less air compressors.

oil-less oil-free air compressor


  1. Extremely reliable
  2. 100% oil free – ISO 8573-1:2010 Class O certified for oil free content
  3. No contamination of product
  4. More environmentally friendly – never drains oil into the sewer
  5. Less maintenance – no oil changes required
  6. No oil/water separators required
  7. Integrated filters and air dryers
  8. Protects other equipment requiring compressed air


  1. 3-50 Horsepower oil less compressors available.
  2. 30-240 gallon air receivers available (for tank mounted).  Larger size tanks are available.
  3. 8-200 SCFM available
  4. Energy efficient
  5. Extremely low vibration
  6. Fewer moving parts and no gearbox

Disadvantages of an oil-flooded or food-grade air compressors:

  1. Potential oil contamination of product
  2. Food-grade does not mean it’s lubricated with “olive oil” – food-grade lubricants are twice as expensive and required oil changes twice as often
  3. Required additional air filtration
  4. Higher levels of maintenance – oil changes and filter maintenance required
  5. Less environmentally friendly

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