PPC Pneumatage

Pulsair’s PPC Pneumatage is based on a custom software program coded and developed especially for the wine industry.  The PPC Pneumatage controller is easy to  operate from a simple easy-to-use touchscreen user interface.  The winemaker is able manage the fermentation in up to 48 individual tanks from central location.



  1. Fully automated fast & efficient cap management
  2. Excellent method to aerate wine of volatile sulfur compounds and CO2
  3. Gentle on fruit & enhances extraction of color, tannins and aroma
  4. Manage fermentation in up to 48 tanks from a single touchscreen controller
  5. Easy to operate and change mixing parameter for each tank
  6. Suitable for all size tanks
  7. Precise controls for each tank
  8. Adjustable & reliable mixing settings
  9. Greater seed extraction
  10. Eliminates cross-contamination
  11. Extraordinary quality control & repeatability
  12. Lowers labor and maintenance cost compared to other cap management methods


red wine cap fermentation





  1. Operates on compressed air or inert gas without modification
  2. Custom design and program to meet different winemaker needs
  3. Proven technology built on 30-years of experience in wine industry
  4. Can also be used for wine blending

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