Pulsair Wine Cart

red wine cap fermentation

The Pulsair Portable Wine Cart

The Pulsair Portable Wine Cart is designed as a mobile semi-automatic Cap management and wine Blending system. The Wine Cart can be used for large wine fermentation tanks, totes and smaller fermenters. The stainless steel cart utilizes a state of the art touch screen programmable controller and a stack of injection valves that are connected to injection ports in a fermentation or blending tank. The connections from the cart to the tank are made using flexible hoses and Tri-Clover flanged check valves. Also included are three clean air filters which supply food grade air to the wine to ensure quality.


  1. Easy to use on large diameter fermentation tanks
  2. Helps gently introduce oxygen during initial fermentation
  3. In tank mixing eliminates spills and cross contamination
  4. Includes three filters for food grade air: particulate, coalescing and activated carbon
  5. Aerates wine juice and blows out mercaptans and other undesirable sulfur compounds
  6. Reduces labor cost (less time to mix caps than other traditional methods)
  7. Helps with stuck fermentation – quickly adds in much needed oxygen
  8. Enhances color, tannins and flavor extraction
  9. Helps eliminate hot/cold spots and provides uniform temperature in the fermentation tank
  10. End result is a better tasting wine
  11. Provides uniform yeast distribution
  12. Helps avoid bacteria and mold from growing on top of grape caps
  13. Reduces need for additives, nutrients etc.


  1. All stainless steel construction
  2. Tri-filter & regulator assembly
  3. Hose reel for efficient organization
  4. Easy-to-use touchscreen programmable controller
  5. Adjustable mixing settings for speed & power
  6. Use compressor air, nitrogen or CO2 gases without modification

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